ISLamabad -: Sahil Murad’s latest single ‘Let me fly’ is a call out to freedom. The single reaches the depths of your soul. A part some of us have closed forever but the haunting music, the simple yet compelling lyrics calls to you to look inside, to seek freedom from this world. The melody strikes a chord within to break free from the shackles that imprison us and takes away our liberty. The debut single of Sahil Murad is a personal portrayal of his understanding of independence and liberty. The video complements the lyrics asking to look at the void within, the enormous void that can only be represented by the never-ending dark space; while empty is filled with stars, planets and life. It breathes in its emptiness and caries the weight of the universe on its shoulder. ‘Let me fly’ is for every individual who feel they are caged by the norms of society, abused by a loved one or not allowed to pursue their dreams. The animation is in its absurdity, is a look in the complex mind of a human being, the dreamlike reveries which every person individual goes through playing out one fantasy after another. The video is for the dreamers, the thinkers and the prisoners of the barriers in their mind. Penned by the singer, ‘let me fly’ is a journey of self-discovery marked by his decision to pursue music. On his debut single, Sahid Murad shared his thoughts and said “This has been one of the most surreal, emotional experiences I’ve ever had and I’m happy i could share the experience in all ways with my audience” Sahil Murad’s entry into music comes after a long introspection as he had been pursuing singing & song writing as a hobby for many years. However, in the past couple of years he decided to pursue it professionally. Murad was studying for a degree in film which allows him to not only understand the dynamics of production but helps him to translate his ideas into realty.

His training has not only given him a solid foundation in the field, it was also instrumental in setting up his own production company XStudios

Sahil Murad plans of releasing another single in July highlighting issues very close to his heart. Watch this space as we take you through Sahil Murad’s exciting journey in the world of music.