The government's writ in Swat is lost. Sufi Mohammad has rolled up the civil and criminal courts and set up Sharia courts under Qazis in their place. How come Sufi Mohammad set up his own judicial system, a state within the state? This is because of the weakness of our federal government. While they were mired in reinstatement of CJP, we lost the whole Malakand Division to militants. And we now have a peace accord with them. We are being shattered into pieces, bit by bit. I won't be surprised, if tomorrow MQM declares Karachi, or even Sindh, a separate state and Islamabad signs a peace accord with them too for the sake of sustenance of PPP rule in the centre. Let this rhetoric of democracy be over now and let us do away with this 'within the constitution' crap too. The deal in Swat is a serious blow. I remember that Bangladesh was also created "within the constitution of Pakistan" by the Mukti Bahinis. Is our memory so short? -AMJAD H. MIRZA, Lahore, via e-mail, March 17.