ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) leader Mian Nawaz Sharif has asked Prime Minster Yusuf Raza Gilani to withdraw the appointment of new Chief Election Commissioner Justice (R) Hamid Ali Mirza, reliable sources told The Nation on Monday. According to the sources, PML-N Leader Mian Nawaz Sharif has asked the Prime Minister in the Raiwind meeting that was held last Sunday to make the said reversal of decision in light of the Charter of Democracy (CoD). The sources said that Nawaz Sharif said that although the name of Chief Election Commissioner was not controversial but the government had not taken the PML-N into confidence. The PML-N leadership said that the government should have taken his party into confidence before the appointment of the Chief Election Commissioner and other officials if they were to follow the Charter of Democracy (COD). The sources said that the Prime Minster assured the PML-N leader to implement the Charter of Democracy in letter and sprit. They said that in this regard, the Prime Minister assured that he would discuss this issue with President Asif Ali Zardari. According to the sources, the Prime Minster assured Mian Nawaz Shairf that the government could withdraw the appointment of the Chief Election Commissioner. And any new appointment could be made in consultation with the PML(N). According to the text of Charter of Democracy, "There shall be an independent, autonomous, and impartial Election Commission. The Prime Minister shall, in consultation with Leader of Opposition, forward up to three names for each position of Chief Election Commissioner, members of Election Commission, and Secretary to Joint Parliamentary Committee, constituted on the same pattern as for appointment of judges in superior judiciary, through transparent public hearing process. "In case of no consensus, both Prime Minister and Leader of Opposition shall forward separate lists to the Joint Parliamentary Committee for consideration. Provincial Election Commissioner shall be appointed on the same pattern by committees of respective provincial assemblies," The sources said that the PML-N leaders also discussed the new appointments of judges in the Supreme and High Courts by the President. They said that the PML-N demanded of the government to revise its decisions about the newly appointments of the Chief Election Commissioner and judges of the courts. They said that the PML-N leaders also demanded of the newly democratic government to not prolong the policy of former President General Pervez Musharraf and take the opposition into confidence for the appointment of new bureaucrats according to Charter of Democracy (COD). According to Charter of Democracy, "The recommendations for appointment of judges to superior judiciary shall be formulated through a commission, which shall comprise of the following: i. The chairman shall be a Chief Justice, who has never previously taken oath under the PCO," The sources said that PML-N already criticized the government about the new appointments of the Chief Election Commissioner and some judges in the courts by the President. But in the meeting, a strong demand was made from the PML-N to revise the recent decisions taken by the government to strengthen the process of reconciliation and follow the CoD.