Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry Tuesday called on lawyers to wipe out corruption in the judiciary on his first day in court for 16 months. Chaudhry, greeted with a standing ovation, was restored by the government on Sunday in a dramatic U-turn that has boosted hopes of an end to a debilitating crisis in the nuclear-armed nation. Millions of Pakistanis hope his return, after former military ruler Pervez Musharraf sacked him in 2007, will cleanse the judiciary, but experts warn that he faces huge challenges to bring about legislative and institutional reform. "It is a matter of great satisfaction and a day of thanksgiving to Allah the almighty that after a long period the original court has been restored," Chaudhry told a courtroom packed with lawyers who rose to applaud his arrival. "There is rampant corruption in this institution (judiciary). This cannot be eradicated without the help of lawyers. You people should come forward to point out such cases," he said. "I will request all of you, being officers of this court, to put your house in order first," Chaudhry said.