MUCH closer to the edge of the crumbling chalk cliffs at Beachy Head and these four friends would not have enjoyed a great deal more of yesterday's sunshine. They sat perched at the top of the 530ft drop relaxing and enjoying the views as the nation basked in glorious weather during the first official weekend of spring. In the South of England temperatures topped 16C (60F) - even higher than the Spanish coasts. Beachy Head is derived from the French words meaning 'beautiful headland' and the name has been applied to the stretch of coast in East Sussex since the 16th century. But the beauty spot has also had a rather grim reputation as a suicide location since the 17th century. Around 20 people die each year by jumping from the cliffs. A chaplaincy team regularly patrols along the top while the Samaritans charity has installed a telephone box to their call centre there. - Daily Mail