LAHORE - The high blood pressure and sugar patients are the soft targets to become victim of kidney diseases as well as cardio-vascular diseases. Currently almost 10 per cent world population was suffering one or the other kidney diseases. President Pakistan Association of Urological Surgeons Prof Dr Sajjad Hussain stated this, according to a news release issued on Monday. He said kidneys were the vital organs of a human body as its failure result in the failure of all other human body parts. Owing to chronic disease of kidneys, he said that around 12 million people become a victim of heart diseases every year. He said the addition of any disease to renal failure enhances death risk by 10 times. Prof Sajjad Hussain also said the renal failure become a serious life-threat, if the causes leading to this disease were not controlled well in time. He said the situation of renal failure and their cure was very serious in developing countries. He said people of any age could become victim of kidney failure disease. He said the non-availability of safe drinking water, adulterated food, spurious medicines, sex medicines, anti-biotic, quacks and self-claimed Hakeems were the major factors in increasing the incidence of sugar, blood-pressure and kidney diseases in Pakistan. Prof Sajjad Hussain said there was an acute shortage of qualified urologists and nephrologists in the country. He said there were no kidney diseases treatment facilities at district and tehsil headquarters hospitals as well as rural health centres and basic health units.