I would like to appreciate Benazir Income Support Programme. It's a small-scale initiative to help the poor majority of our people that is big on effect. The only problem is that it cannot reach all the deserving people. The PPP government had come into power on the slogan of Roti, Kapra and Makaan. The public is still waiting for progress on these basic issues. The rate of poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, child labour and women's violence is increasing day by day. The economy is badly affected by constant interference of the foreign powers. The frustrated public wants change and they want it fast. There is a need to change and reshape the people's view of government but that cannot be done by changing names of the places like airports, hospitals and roads and naming them after Benazir Bhutto or anybody else. Changing names of places cannot inspire people. They can only be impressed by a visible change in the society that facilitate them in a better way. Reshaping is more important than merely changing the name. -ASMA DILSHAD WARRAICH, Lahore, via e-mail, March 17.