islamabad: Spring arrived with its own share of colours and happiness. Multicoloured flowers can be seen blooming in gardens, parks and dividers of the Capital. To mark the arrival of this beautiful and much-cherished season, the Horticulture Cell of Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU) held its annual Spring Flowers Exhibition. The exhibition, which was inaugurated by Vice-Chancellor Dr Qasim Jan will continue till March 25. A multitude of flowerpots can be seen arranged in symmetric patterns in the area between the Physics and the Administration buildings, extending up to the Central Library of QAU. Flowers of different colours, shapes and sizes are visible in gardens, on tiny artificial hills and in pots lining walkways and fountains.Among the plants, everyday flowers like pansies and petunias are common and are present in almost every colour. Then there are flowers with names quite novel to the common man's knowledge, however they possess beauty that can stir our spirits. Among these, the ranunculus, which is a flower producing clusters of up to three cup-shaped layers of petals, is present in fairly large numbers. Another group of eye-catching flowers are the gazanias, ranging in colours from yellow to brown and golden, with striking contrasting central zones. Another shrub-like plant is Brunfelsia paucifloria, commonly known as 'Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow', which has flowers first purple, then blue and with the passage of time assumes white flowers during its lifetime. Lilium is a trumpet-shaped bright yellow colour having an equally striking comb-like stem. Falacus flowers have tiny pink-flushed petals and are arranged alongside ferns, which have been used as padding. White and blue irises, bougainvilleas, variegated gladiola and beautifully grafted cacti adorn the displays. The Incharge Horticulture talking to TheNation told that three of the very prized varieties of grafted cacti were stolen from the exhibition. In a lighter vein, he further added: "In the earlier exhibitions there was spring in the campus, but autumn in the political atmosphere of the country, but it is a good omen that this time around there is spring in the exhibition area as well as in the political fields of the country."Flowers can make a dull garden come to life. They can give a house a fresher look and most importantly, they are pleasing and calming to look at. Every year a part of Pakistan's foreign exchange is spent on importing expensive seeds and flowers from foreign countries, whereas there are countries like Holland whose one of major exports is flowers. Experiments should be conducted to create hybrid seeds in Pakistan, so that we become self-sufficient and money spent on foreign exchange is not only also saved but also earn profits by exporting them.