Last night, I saw in one of the popular TV shows former President Musharraf standing in some party in London, casually puffing a cigar with a boot-licker, reciting a poem in appreciation. The TV show revived in me the possible scenario of Mughal emperors and their court jesters. I have read Mughal history but one thing, I could never comprehend was how these emperors, who were so fond of flattery, could rule India. One thing is for sure that if Musharraf comes back and regains the 'paradise lost', this poet will surely become information minister. So Mr. Kaira, we have identified your true successor already. But Mr Kaira, right now your seat seems to be under no threat. Sherry Rehman can be a strong contender. But she is way behind in the race for lack of skills. Information ministry needs words and poetic quality. Besides, there is also Fauzia Wahab who is unbeatable in the field. SC cannot grill Zardari, having donated all his parts. Moreover, after Zardari we will have Umar Sharif as our President and Umar has different kind of wit. In flattering Umar you people would have to watch 'Maula Jatt' daily, twice a day non-stop.- AMJAD H. MIRZA, Lahore, March 21.