PESHAWAR (Agencies) - A military commander has warned that if the United States agreed to reconciliation talks with the Taliban factions, it would be committing a major mistake. American military and political leaders have said they are willing to join the Afghan government of President Hamid Karzai in negotiations with the Taliban. That makes some top military commanders in Pakistan, locked in their own bitter conflict with the Taliban, very anxious. Talking to the Washington Examiner from his headquarters in Bala Hisar Fort, a 4,000-year-old redoubt near the Khyber Pass, Maj-Gen Tariq Khan said, This region is filled with lessons in history. We must learn from this history - not ignore it. The West should not say they will negotiate with the Taliban but with the dominant tribes and tribal leaders. The best way to achieve victory against the Taliban is getting the community involved in the process. They have been battered by this war. On Monday, Karzai held talks with Gulbuddin Hekmatyars group, Hezb-i-Islami. Gen Tariq Khan, who leads Pakistans 40,000-member Frontier Corps, said he has personally warned Gen Stanley McChrystal, the top US commander in Afghanistan, against negotiations with Taliban factions. Taliban leadership is untrustworthy, he said during the interview at his headquarters. We shouldnt negotiate with the Taliban leaders. We should empower the people of the tribes to not allow them to return. We should be negotiating with the tribes. The commander blamed the Taliban for the disruption that has led thousands of tribal families to cluster in camps for displaced people like one at Nowshera, near his base. Many of those living in the tents that dot the barren landscape at Nowshera agree, saying it is fear of the Taliban that keeps them from returning home. Tariq Khan said the misery in the camps illustrates the misguided approach by Afghanistan and the United States to seek out moderates among the Taliban and use them as a bridge toward reconciliation. What is a moderate Taliban? he asked. He then made a final pitch for using whatever force necessary to push the Taliban out of tribal lands: Let the owners of the land be the keepers of the land. Thats the message that should be delivered.