There are three points of national importance, which are lurking in my mind since long. These points need clarification for general good of people, but I did not find any suitable forum through which these could reach public. First, the core issue or central idea of dispute between Pakistan and India is Kashmir, which is the unfinished agenda of partition. The Indian leadership technique and strategy has been since Pakistan Movement days to divert and confuse the issue and not come to any solution. No one else but only Quaid-e-Azam had correctly understood their psyche and had successfully thwarted their nefarious designs. We must concentrate our all efforts on Kashmir as far India- Pakistan relations are concerned. Second, there is a lot of confusion throughout the Muslim world about Muslim women dress culture. Everyone, almost every where, has fixed his own standard regarding women dress, mostly based on hearsay or overhearing, but devoid of reference knowledge from Alquran and Sunnah of Muhammad (PBUH ) the last of prophets which is the article of faith for every Muslim of any hue, dress being part of Islamic faith. -MAJOR ABDUL HAMEED ABBASI (retd), Rawalpindi