It is a matter of great shame that a considerable period of time has passed yet the government is dragging its feet in implementing the NRO verdict, which was a historic decision and a landmark in the country's judicial history. Though the Prime Minister Gilani had on a number of occasions promised that he would ask the accused ministers to quit, there is no sign that he would actually do so. Those who have looted the wealth of the nation, whoever they are must be brought to justice. -WASEEM ELAHI, Lahore The wealth of the nation As the nation celebrates the 70th anniversary Of Pakistan Day, commemorating the 23rd March 1940 resolution passed by Muslim League at Lahore, it is time to reflect upon what we have gained or lost. We need to reassess the damage done to this country. After the Quaid's death, the distortions started immediately. Those who succeeded him, chose to indulge in the worst form of political and financial corruption. The malaise of corruption has become so institutionalized, that it is no longer taboo to be accused of corruption, pilferage or perjury, however high the public office that individuals occupy. What is even worse is that the people have accepted this to be part of the privileges of public office, to abuse authority, plunder state assets and flout laws, without any fear of accountability. The cancer of corruption, both material or spiritual, is so widespread, that the few who believe in integrity and abiding by the law or paying taxes honestly, are considered to be either weak, not very dynamic and smart, or out of tune with time and ground realities. The people of this country have been fooled too often by both elected and military rulers. Our survival lies in shedding the hypocrisy, upholding rule of law and ensuring that individuals in politics and public service must adhere to norms and ethics expected of people, who decide the fate and destiny of this nation, or are involved in defense of its geographical boundaries. Those who chose to serve the nation, should not be allowed to hold dual nationality or have their majority assets and bank balances outside Pakistan. Our elected public representatives must do some soul searching and ask themselves what steps have they taken to stop the pilferages in state corporations like PIA, Steel Mills, NIC, PEPCO, OGRA, PSO, State Bank etc. -MALIK TARIQ, Lahore.