He who surpasses or subdues mankind must look down on the hate of those below. Byron The United States of America has once again shown to the world that it will not hesitate to commit 'naked aggression against any country, if it is assured of an adequate financial return on its investment. The recent attack by the US armed forces supported by its European allies proves that the Americans strongly believe that they can commit aggression against militarily weak countries and easily get away with it. There is no denying the fact that the people of Libya have been living under a dictatorial regime since years, but that certainly does not justify the present action of the American administration, and as a result innocent people, including women and children, are being killed without any justification. In addition, the UN has once again proved to be a lap dog of the US. It has provided the aggressors (i.e. the coalition forces) with the so-called 'legal sanction to target several military bases in Libya. Washington has given a preposterous reason to the international community, which is that the military operation is being conducted to bring an end to the atrocities being perpetuated by the Gaddafi forces against its citizens. However, it is also true that the Libyan government has used excessive and lethal force to snub the rebels, who had taken up arms against the dictatorial regime that has continued to rule Libya for the last 42 years. Nevertheless, one is compelled to raise the question, as to why the American administration did not respond against the atrocities committed by the state of Israel against the Palestinian people, or why the Americans remained silent when the Israeli forces attacked the state of Lebanon. Similarly, what has kept the Americans on the sidelines when several satellite states of the US have dictatorships at the helm of affairs, who routinely use coercive methods to keep their dissidents at bay. One may also question: Why the Americans condoned the action of the two Arab states, who sent in their forces to suppress the protesters in Bahrain. This proves that although the US preaches democratic values to the world, yet it has a history of supporting dictatorial regimes that normally suit its strategic interests in the region. Besides, the US has never considered to bomb India when its troops commit the worst atrocities against the peaceful and unarmed Kashmiri people, and for that matter have not dared to invade North Korea after all the anger that comes out of Washington for that country. Perhaps, the Americans think that the Kashmiris and the North Koreans do not deserve freedom from the occupying forces or repressive regimes ruling in their countries. In the same vein, the US does not dare to attack Russia whenever its army tries to invade the neighbouring countries on one pretext or the other. It only pays lip service when the Russian troops abuse the people living in Chechnya or even in Georgia. These double standards have now fully exposed USAs foreign policy, which is solely driven by greed and lust. There is no such thing as principle or fairplay as far as the Americans are concerned. For example, Raymond Davis, who was charged for the murder of two innocent Pakistanis, was backed by the US administration, including President Barack Obama, who falsely claimed that he enjoyed diplomatic immunity under the Vienna Convention. A spate of leaks by the whistleblower site WikiLeaks had established that in order to have a civil nuclear deal with New Delhi, the Americans had not only bribed the senior officials in Indias Ministry of External Affairs, but Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had also questioned the appointment of the present Indian Finance Minister. They wanted their own nominee. So this explains that the US never hesitates to follow dubious ploys to achieve its goals, even if it means that their methods could hurt long-term relations. One can now easily see what the US has gained having seized the oil fields in Iraq, while the Iraqis remain deprived from the wealth that is produced in their own country. It now wants to seize the oil wells in Libya to support its faltering economy and Washingtons claim that the military intervention is to help the Libyan people against a repressive regime will surely fall flat on all fours. Even if the American claim of attacking Libya is accepted as legitimate or legal, then it should also intervene on behalf of all those people who have repressive regimes ruling in their countries. There are certain governments, especially in South America and Africa, where the people are kept in subhuman conditions by the corrupt leaders. But USA or its European allies have never bothered to take action against such governments. Undoubtedly, such governments should be advised to respect the will of the people. But, at the same time, the world must show a united resolve to condemn the US and its allies, who use force with impunity against weak nations. The Arab League has protested against the American aggression. But this protest could be converted into a potent threat, if they show some unity and withdraw the vast amounts of wealth that they have stored in the US and Europe, allowing them to progress with their money and resources. Therefore, until and unless there is a united resolve by the rest of the world, the Americans will continue to interfere in one country after another to achieve its strategic and economic goals without bothering to take into consideration the loss of life and the damage that is inflicted on the economy of the country it invades. Also, one hopes that the UN will stop acting on the directions of the US. Meanwhile, a more vibrant and effective role should be played at least by the Russian and Chinese governments, who can ensure that the world body does not provide legal sanction to what otherwise remains an illegal and immoral activity on the part of the US administration. Since Russia has benefited in the past by using force with no reaction from Washington, the burden not to condone aggression falls on the shoulders of Peoples Republic of China. n The writer is a freelance columnist. Email: zarnatta@hotmail.com