LAHORE - The Rt Revd Dr Alexander John Malik, Bishop of Lahore, while condemning the desecration of Holy Quran in Florida, USA by Terry Jones said that the pastor committed an ugly and abhorrent act which only promoted hatred in the fabric of the society. He said that such acts were in flagrant contradiction to the teaching of Christianity. He said that we believed in respecting each other religion and interfaith harmony to exercise love and peace. Furthermore, he said that such acts like that of Terry Jones were the manifestations of sick minds busy in spreading hatred, bigotry and unease in the society. Shahbaz condemns: Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has expressed deep shock and anguish over the burning of Holy Quran in the American state, Florida. In a statement issued here on Wednesday, the CM strongly condemned this shameful act. He said this tragic incident had posed a big question for the international community propagating tolerance. Shahbaz Sharif said this incident was the worst kind of religious prejudice, and the international community should take immediate notice of it. The CM demanded that the Pakistan government should immediately contact the international organisations for taking action against those responsible of this incident.