LAHORE - A media briefing was held at Lahore Press Club here the other day, to highlight the main and basic objectives of the New Social Contract in Pakistan. This was presented by the civil society representatives among Aman Itehad, a platform of more than 200 civil society organisations in Pakistan, says a press release. While giving the details and need for a new social contract in Pakistan , Jrfan Mufti Convener Aman Ittehad Punjab said that current economic, political and social problems and growing insecurity needs a serious redefinition of states role and its relationship vis-a-vis citizens and their basic needs. He added that the basic vision of Pakistan presented and agreed in 1940 Lahore resolution has not be implemented in last 63 years hence Pakistan is facing serious threats internally and externally. He said Aman Ittehad is organizing peoples assemblies in more than 15 cities and roundtable meetings with political parties to get opinion and views on the new social contract that should define states role and its new relationship with citizens and within citizens.