LAHORE Senior Adviser to Punjab CM Zulfiqar Khosa has said the federal government did not pay outstanding amount of Rs 3 billion of Electricity Duty to the province during the last fiscal year and if this amount was paid the tax collection would have been Rs 33 billion, as the Punjab government collected Rs 30 billion in that period. In a statement issued here Wednesday, the senior adviser said the Punjab government has also paid Rs18 billion out of Rs 51 billion loan to the State Bank, while the remaining amount of loan would be paid in next 33 months with equal instalments. He said that the over draft is the facility of the State Bank and the over draft of Punjab is much less than the limit fixed by the State Bank. He said that Punjab government is implementing a comprehensive austerity drive and we have controlled our non-development expenditures as well. He said that Punjab government has billion of rupees surplus in its treasury from January 2011 onward. Khosa said that Rs 19 billion tax has been collected during the first 7 month of current fiscal year which is 27 percent additional as compared to last fiscal year. He said that during current fiscal year, tax target has been fixed at Rs 40.4 billion while Rs 51 billion would be received from GST on service which collected by the federal government. He said that the financial position of Punjab Government is very sound and Punjab Government is following strict financial discipline in every department. He said that Punjab Government has saved Rs. 2.8 billion in the head of current expenditures for the first time in the history of Punjab by implementing financial discipline in letter and spirit. Senior adviser said that Punjab government never been a defaulter of Rs 520 billion and former provincial Finance Minister has presented fabricated facts and figures and he tried to mislead the people of Punjab by giving wrong statistics. He said that there is no default of Punjab Government as the financial position of it is very strong and former Finance Minister also tried to muddle up facts and figures on the basis of domestic and foreign loans but, one should keep in mind, most of loans have been received on 50 year long term conditions so that it is a baseless and wrong to talk about default on the basis of loans.