LAHORE Some of the heavily encroached sites marked by the Revenue Department of the City District Government are proving a 'hard target for the anti-encroachment squads because of direct interference of politicians, influential persons and business tycoons, insiders informed TheNation. The CDG authorities even ignored a number of encroached structures deliberately because these properties belonged to some high-rank officials, influential businessmen, politicians either directly or indirectly, they added. The sources informed that such encroached sites were also target of the anti-encroachment teams but the encroachments could not be eliminated due to political pressure on the CDG authorities as the district administration seemed partial in this regard. This time the PML-N-led government had strictly directed the district administration to follow the instructions of MPs belonging to the ruling party, and also to get 'NOC from them before eliminating any structure, building or shop, situated in their concerned constituencies, the insiders revealed. The insiders further said the government had instructed the district administration to demolish all the encroachments but the ones, whether legal or illegal, requested by the ruling partys MPs, they said. Laymen, pushcart vendors and shopkeepers having no approach are the 'real target of the government during the campaign against encroachments, the insiders complained. Before launching the campaign, the CDG authorities had claimed that the campaign would be totally impartial and no encroacher or illegal occupant would be spared at any cost, whether influential or not. It had also pledged that no discriminatory attitude would be adopted against any citizen during the campaign and no one would be targeted on the basis of personal grudges, the insiders further added. They said the district administration was playing partial role and was ignoring those plazas, buildings and shops constructed and owned by some famous political figures of the city notwithstanding the structures had been identified and marked as encroachments during the previous anti-encroachment operations. This time these buildings have not been enlisted as encroachments which has exposed the policy of government. Most of these illegal buildings, plazas and other structures are situated in the thickly populated areas of the city including residential localities of Walled City, vicinities of Northern Lahore, southern parts of the City as well as commercial areas and important roads of the city, they regretted. Some of these political figures, business tycoons and party workers are very close to their party leadership, which is the only safety wall for them and their blue-eyed persons, they concluded.