KARACHI A threatening aspect to the slipping law and order situation in Karachi was added on the Pakistan Day when two rockets fired from unknown areas landed in densely populated areas of the city, fortunately no loss of life was reported in the incident. Pakistan Day is observed to symbolise unity among the people and celebrate the Pakistan Day Resolution passed in Lahore in 1940. The day had special place into the hearts of the people. However, the firing of rockets has brought fear among the public. Just before the dawn, one rocket landed not very far from the Malir Cantonment area and other slammed into a religious seminary located on the edge of Defence Housing Society at Kala Pul. For the last three years since the elected government of PPP took over of reign of governance at Islamabad and Karachi, the metropolis has become the target of various mafias. The target on ethnic basis and mafia related incidents have consumed over one thousand innocent lives. All this has happened in the presence of Rangers which just watched the law and order collapse instead of intervening and controlling the law and order in various localities. However, the latest incident of rocket firing is ominous and has all the elements of plunging Karachi into a turmoil which could be more disastrous. The incident occurred with 12 hours of the speech of President Asif Ali Zardari in which he held out an assurance of improving situation in Karachi. His address to the joint sitting of parliament proved nothing but just an empty assurance because after firing of rockets the escalation in violence has certainly jumped many notches up. This was the answer of those forces which are bent upon destroying the peace and stability of the country to the speech of President Zardari, who except for issuing statements, had done nothing concrete on the ground to control the violence. He still has faith in the Sindh Home Minister Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza who has been accused of ignoring or patronizing the lawless elements. PPPs coalition partner MQM is among a host of political outfits who have been requesting and pleading the President to take bold initiative to control the situation in Karachi. The MQM did whatever it could to convince the President that if not controlled in time, Karachi would sink into turmoil where it could be difficult to live and to carry out businesses. Business community is second worst affected community in Karachi which has to face the trouble which erupts at the sun rise of each day. There have been so many protests and market shut downs disrupting the economic activities and shutting down of industries. Lack of energy is just one of the factor that is negatively affecting the industrial and commercial production. The businessmen are so worried about the threats of the extortionist gangs that they have openly announced closing down their businesses and moving out of Karachi which would totally destroy the economic conditions of the city which gives 70 percent of the total revenue of the country. MQM is extremely worried about the threats to business and industrialists and their idea of shutting down their business houses as Karachi is the base and political constituency of MQM. The threats to businessmen by extortionists gang is worrisome. MQM has rightly raised its objections and reservations to the speech of the President by saying that the words spoken should also be implemented. But so far Presidential assurances over the last three years have not improved the position. The business community has told MQM about its intentions to leave Karachi by closing down their businesses. This is not the first time that rockets have been used in Karachi, some five years ago a rocket fired from near Jinnah courts situated close to Pearl Continental Hotel landed five kilometer away in marriage hall near Jamshed road. Media particularly the print media is repeatedly published stories about smuggling of rockets from out side the Sindh but the government has either totally ignored the warning printed in the newspapers and have taken no step to locate the perpetrators. It is high time for the government to take stock of the situation otherwise the consequences would be serious disastrous.