LAHORE A minor boy who was admitted to the Mayo hospital with severe burn injuries on Tuesday, died there on early Wednesday, police and hospital sources said. Police sources said that four-year-old Arman sustained severe burn injuries while his elder brother Faizan, 7, was burnt alive, shortly after the fire broke out inside their small house in Shafiqabad police vicinity on Tuesday. Fire-brigade officials said that the fire erupted in the small bedroom when the burning candle fell on the bed-sheet during load shedding. Both the brothers Faizan, 7, and Arman, 4, were present alone while their mother had left the house to fetch some dibbles from a nearby shop when the fire broke out. Local residents immediately called in the rescue workers and firefighters, who managed to put out the fire after 30 minutes hectic efforts. Faizan and Arman were rushed to the Mayo Hospital, where Faizan was pronounced dead. Arman succumbed to burn injuries in the hospital ward on Wednesday.