Pakistan Day is observed every year on 23rd March by the people of Pakistan to commemorate the unprecedented achievement of the Muslims of sub-continent who passed the historic Pakistan Resolution on this day at Iqbal Park Lahore in 1940. The day would help raise awareness among the new generation about the struggle of the Muslims for their right to self-determination. Pakistan became an independent entity on August 14, 1947. It was very unfortunate that immediately after independence, Quaid-e-Azams demise created a vacuum of leadership. The leadership crisis was further aggravated by assassination of the first Prime Minister and early dismissal of the second PM. Taking advantage from the fragile internal political situation, Indian think tanks started virulent campaign to present a negative picture of Pakistan with a view to disintegrate Pakistan. Today, the very unifying factors which led to the creation of Pakistan are depleting rapidly. All of a sudden, the country finds itself at its crossroads with seriously jeopardized future. The Pakistani society will keep on facing the syndrome of identity crisis, unless the cementing forces of cohesion and integration are not rejuvenated. A number of forces have served to draw Pakistan together into nationhood. The most obvious has been Islam, which represents a common bond tying its peoples together. The historic Lahore Resolution of 1940 ignited unprecedented enthusiasm and spirit amongst Muslims of the sub-continent. Then, during partition of Indo-Pakistan in 1947, the soul-stirring episodes of helping immigrants to accommodate in the new country were par excellence. Taking precedence from our historical past, we must create religious fraternity and harmony among Muslims at all levels of the society. With participation of the public, the government functionaries, the political parties, and the religious scholars at various levels, we can come out of our national identity crisis. On the other hand, provinces should reciprocate by sacrificing their personal gains over the larger interest of the country, keeping in mind the resurgence of national identity within the context of Pakistani society. On this 71st anniversary of the Pakistans day, let us make a pledge with ourselves to work together as one unit (overlooking traditional grievances) to carve the true and great potential of Pakistan. ABDUL GHAFFOR BHATTI, Pir Mahal, March 22.