Israeli state terrorism that perpetually remains in full swing has claimed the lives of five Palestinians including two children playing football in a field in Gaza on Tuesday. The mortar fire left ten other people badly wounded. Another rocket fired directly into a residential compound injured dozens. One is at a loss for words to condemn this act of savagery that is completely beyond the pale of civilised conduct. This testifies to the Israeli policy of targeting civilians as an essential part of its tactic to uproot them out of their homes to build settlements. As usual, the Israelis use the pretext of rocket fire from Hamas to justify their brutalities and launch operations inside Palestinian homes and even on a large scale like the way they did in 2006 in which countless lives were lost in Gaza and Lebanon. The rockets allegedly fired from Palestinian territory are hardly comparable to helicopter gunships used in retaliation. No wonder Hamas missiles fall in the buffer zone separating the two lands and those who make it to Israel rarely cause injuries. The US that has been coming up with various roadmaps to settle the conflict must restrain Israelis from massacring Palestinians. The least that could have been done was to implement the two state solution. The unresolved nature of issue has also become a matter of grave concern for Russia whose President Dmitry Medvedev recently said, while showing solidarity with the Palestinian President Mahmud Abbass, that the conflict was all the more worrisome in view of the current unrest in the Arab region. Palestinians must have an independent, viable state of their own, with secure borders to remove one of oldest rankling disputes in the world and pave the way for peace in the Middle East.