MUMBAI - On the eve of the Pakistan-West Indies clash in the World Cup quarter-final on Wednesday, Gill Woolmer, the wife of Pakistan team's deceased coach Bob Woolmer, didn't want to voice her opinion in public whether she would support the Pakistan team to advance to the semi-final or wish South Africa to win the WC. However, she did appreciate the gesture shown by the few Pakistan players. "Yes, I read the comments made by players in the press. It is nice to hear about views expressed for my husband," she said exclusively from Cape Town. Current World Cup captain Shahid Afridi and former skipper Inzamam-ul-Haq paid rich tributes to their former coach. "Bob was very close to the players and all team members liked him very much," Mrs Woolmer added. On March 18 2007, Woolmer had died suddenly in Jamaica, just a few hours after the Pakistan team's unexpected elimination at the hands of Ireland in the 2007 World Cup. His death was investigated as murder until after the World Cup when Jamaican authorities announced it was due to natural death.