KARACHI Speakers have urged the government and non-government organisations to invest more on provision of safe drinking water, as five million people die every year of waterborne diseases. They were speaking at seminar to mark World Water Day held at Jhimpir near Karachi. The seminar was organised by WWF and Keenjhar Youth Welfare and Development Organisation. Speaking on the occasion Rasool Bux Dars said that every form of life is dependent on the water which is becoming scarce. He said that if situation is not improved than it is predicted that future wars would be fought on water resources. He said that Keenjahr Lake is being heavily polluted by untreated industrial effluents of Kotri and Noriabad. He warned that if pollution is not controlled, Keenjhar would become another Manchar Lake. WWF Representative Nasir Ali Panhwar said that water has cultural, social and spiritual value. He said that access to safe drinking water in rural and urban areas is declining and provision of potable water is on low priority of government. He said that almost all water bodies in Sindh are contaminated due to disposal of untreated effluents. He said that climate change has also affected the quantity and quality of water. He said that 1991 water accord is not being implemented as 10 MAF is not being released into Indus delta. He deplored that despite the Government of Sindhs demand, IRSA is not providing additional 1200 cusecs required for Karachi. Dr. Ali Murtaza Dharejo said that due to water cycle has changed as a result rainfall has declined. He said that 230,000 children die every year due to diarrhoea and cholera alone. He said that environmental education can play vital role in sensitising the people, so that waterborne diseases could be controlled. Hafeezulaah said that Thatta is home of major wetlands and number of ramsar sites are also located here. He said that fishermen should adopt sustainable fishing practices. Razak Barach, Muhammad Umar Atho, Haji Raza Mohammd Palari, Fateh Mohammad Behrani and others also spoke at the occasion. Earlier computer centre was inaugurated, which has been set up with the support of WWF.