M Khan Sial has quoted MPA Humaira Alwani bemoaning the loss of land due to sea incursion. She had earlier appealed to the government to stop construction of Bhasha dam. Obviously she thinks that Bhasha dam will increase water shortage rather than decrease it. When even an MPA is ignorant of the very basis of river management, surely we cant expect a layman like Mr Sial to do so. My question to both of them is, did not the World Bank build Mangla and Tarbela dams to compensatePakistanfor the loss of the three eastern rivers toIndia. Did not the dams increase flows in Jhelum andIndusrivers by 25 percent. Was not Sindhs share of this increase allocated to 7.0 million acre feet? Kalabagh dam will give an additional 2.2 maf to Sindh. Please check the pre-Mangla and post-Tarbela figures for withdrawals in the canals of Sindh, also the increase in the area under cultivation, and stop spreading misinformation. Khurshid Anwer, Lahore.