The families of missing persons in Pakistan are living in constant despair and fear, often waiting for years to hear any news of their loved ones. No matter how much time has passed, they find it difficult to accept, until reliable proof is provided, that their relative may no longer be alive. Everyone needs closure. The uncertainty causes psychological suffering which leads to emotional exhaustion and long lasting wounds. Not knowing what happened to a parent, spouse, adult or child and not being able to give them a dignified burial, or to mourn their passing away places an intolerable burden on these families.

The information about missing persons should be deposited in a centralized institution, so that it can provide reliable services to missing person families. The problem with missing person families, are very serious and all missing person families deserve support of the elected government, media, and civil society. Media and civil society can pressurize the government and law enforcement agencies to release the missing persons.


Islamabad, March 19.