ISLAMABAD - The government plans to imports 0.125 million tons Urea to stabilize supplies for Kharif-2014 and to fulfill farmers’ requirements in an effective manner.

There is a sufficient fertilizer to cater Rabi season requirements. The government facilitates private sector to import required quantities of various pesticides and herbicides to fulfill farmers’ needs.

According to Ministry of National Food Security and Research sources, on the basis of assessment of fertilizer situation by the Fertilizer Review Committee, the fertilizer supplies are ensured through 20 domestic production and imports.

Highlighting the steps taken to ensure availability of seed, fertilizers and pesticides, they said about 20% seed of various crops is made available by both public and private seed sector under certification cover of Federal Seed Certification and Registration Department (FSC&RD).

The remaining seed requirements are met through farmers saved seed and informal sector. Additionally, 46,000 tons seed is also supplied by private seed importers to meet the domestic requirements. With regard to steps taken to control sale of spurious and substandard agricultural inputs, the sources said Federal Seed Certification and Registration Department (FSC&RD) have been instructed to monitor and regulate the sale of spurious and sub-standard seed in the market. Fertilizer quality is monitored by Provincial Agricultural Departments.

In line with provision of the Pesticides Ordinance 1971 and Amendment Act 1992 and 1997, pesticides inspectors from the provincial agriculture departments are mobilized to keep vigilance on pesticide shops and warehouses of pesticide distributors to ensure quality of these products.