KARACHI (PR): On a bright sunny morning, one thousand teachers collected for the launch of Project Butterfly. The not-for-profit social enterprise is chaired by the inventor of Mind Maps, Prof. Tony Buzan and founded by Tariq Qureshi, CEO Vantage and CEO 100% Mad along with Raihan Merchant, Chairman at MHoldings International and Brainchild Communications Pakistan.

Celebration of human intelligence it was an event where genius was discovered, imagination unleashed and inhibitions conquered. The human brain, as we all know now, is one of nature's most fascinating and most mysterious creations, it's full potential is still unknown. Professor Tony Buzan was the first man to start the quest into understanding the human mind and learning how it works. For more than fifty years now he has been at the forefront of that discovery, written over a hundred books on How to best use our heads and trained millions of individuals, celebrities, sportsmen, rock stars, governments and corporations, won multiple awards and accolades including Nobel Prize nomination.

When we visit any unknown city, the first thing that we need is a map. Similarly, when we are thinking; a mind map essentially aids navigation of thought and mirrors the process of idea generation, memory and retention. It is a simple but powerful tool that not only makes learning effective but also a lot of fun.

Mind maps are based in the centuries old human language of images, colours and associations. Over the course of a few hours this first batch of teachers transformed from cocooned caterpillars and pupae to blazing and colourful butterflies. Suddenly they re­discovered their latent and dormant creativity and what a difference it can make in conventional classroom teaching methods. The project aims to reach 5 million students and one hundred thousand teachers across the country over the next 3 years. It is believed that if thousands of butterflies flap their wings, they can cause a hurricane weeks later in a distant location. This March, 1000 butterflies have started flapping their wings... it's only a matter of time before the rest of the world joins in.