It’s a milestone age that many women face with trepidation. However, approaching 50 doesn’t appear to be phasing Elizabeth Hurley. Estee Lauder has renewed her contract for the 21st year in a row, she has a lead role in the new (and unapologetically daft) US series The Royals and her swimwear line is selling well in Saks Fifth Avenue and Harrods. It’s now nearly 21 years since the British actress, model and businesswoman was catapulted into the spotlight at the Four Weddings and a Funeral Premiere. Just being on Hugh Grant’s arm would have garnered headlines enough but famously pouring herself into that revealing black Versace dress saw her steal the entire show, even if she was thereafter constantly referred to as ‘Hugh Grant’s girlfriend’. Elizabeth tells the Times that the moment was actually less about her and all about the dress: ‘It was such a landmark dress in fashion history. Like nothing to do with me. It was the dress.’ The black, strappy ensemble, seemingly held together with large gold safety pins, kickstarted her previously quiet career which, two decades on, has seen her try her hand at everything from acting and modelling to owning her own organic food company and designing her own swimwear. Her looks have very much remained flawless despite the ageing process. Still pin thin, there’s barely a wrinkle on her, something which she puts down to nothing more than a lifetime of lathering on moisturiser - with at least SPF30 if she’s in the sun - and a great diet. If plenty of older female stars have spoken out about ageism against women recently, any obvious discrimination seems to have passed Elizabeth by. She says there are ‘a lot of girls who are doing advertising campaigns who are my age or more. It’s a very nice time as far as that’s concerned.’