Islamabad- The government has formed a committee comprising Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) personnel to determine the accurate age of death-row inmate Shafqat Hussain , whose legal councils now claim was a minor at the time of sentencing, local media reported today.

According to details, the government despite making claims hasn’t been able to take any practical step so far. Instead of forming a medical board to determine convict’s age, the government has asked the FIA to scrutinize documents.

Federal Minister for Interior Chaudhry Nisar said that, Shafqat’s execution has not been delayed due to any external pressure. This is a matter of someone’s life and not politics.

Nisar said that the seven-year-old boy – for whose murder Shafqat was convicted – was killed mercilessly. Parents of the slain boy are being given threats to drop the case.

He said slain boy’s parents are also seeking justice, adding that the burden of proof of Shafqat’s innocence is on his family if they insist he was minor at the time of sentencing.

Chaudhry Nisar said that some elements are maligning Pakistan over Shafqat Hussain’s death warrants. The complete investigation on this matter will be brought in front of the public.

A private news channel had already uncovered the contradiction and controversy surrounding Shafqat’s age after which, the government had decided to reach to the bottom of this.