State Minister for Water and Power Abid Sher Ali has said that the way people have celebrated Pakistan Day with zeal and zest sends a clear message to the terrorists that the government, armed forces and people are on the same page to eliminate the last terrorist.

Talking to this agency during an exclusive chat here Monday, he assured that terrorism, target killing and extortionists would be eliminated from Karachi soon and the port city would regain its status as city of lights.

He went on to say that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had committed that he would not rest unless country was purged of terrorists. “Any political party harbouring terrorists, extortionists and target killers will be proceeded against indiscriminately as neither any political party has the right nor does the constitution of the country allows political parties to patronise terrorists, extortionists and target killers in their ranks and cadres,” he added.

To a question, the state minister said that the government would soon set up judicial commission on the demand of PTI. He indicated that the Local Bodies elections would be held soon in Punjab and the PML-N would win these polls with overwhelming majority.