Veteran politician Makhdoom Javed Hashmi has said that India will attempt to disintegrate but Pakistan will exist till the day of judgement, adding that all agencies of the world got united to break this country but ISI and Pakistan Army thwarted their vicious plans.

He observed this while addressing a function organized in connection with Pakistan Day by Pakistan Patriot Forum and Al-qalam Organization. Hashmi further said that no other country in world had a brighter future than Pakistan. He asserted that the nation needed to revive its pledge to strengthen the country and extend all sacrifices needed for its protection. He said that Quaid-e-Azam, Allama Iqbal and other veterans got the Muslims of sub-continent their home and now it was our responsibility to protect it. Hashmi was of the opinion that the enemy could not harm this country as the kids of this nation were so brave that they steered into the eyes of the enemy.

Speaking on the occasion, Maj Asad Mahmood said that Pakistan was our identity and we needed to protect this identity. MPA Haji Ehsan Uddin Qureshi, Chairman of Patriot Forum Hamza Shahid Lodhi and others said that the armed forces rendered tremendous sacrifices and the nation stood by its forces.

Later on, students of different schools presented tableaus in connection with the occasion.

AFGHAN CYCLIST WINS RACE: An Afghani cyclist Rameen Rafay won the second phase of TDCP Tour de Punjab Open Cycle Race as the cyclists reached Multan from Bahawalpur on Monday. He covered 115 kilometre distance in 2 hour 36 minute and 27 seconds. The Afghani cyclists showed distinction in the second phase and clinched all the three top positions. Muhammad was the second cyclist who followed the winner of this phase while Zabeeh Ullah was third.

A total of 72 local and foreigner cyclists begun race from Rahim Yar Khan on March 22 and it will end on March 27 at Rawalpindi. The race is consisted of six phases. The cyclists were given a warm welcome by the district administration and led to Youth Hostel for stay. They are scheduled to leave for Sahiwal in third phase of the race from here at 9:00 am on Tuesday (today).