Today, like most people I will stick my head in the sand like an ostrich. It will be a happy day where I shall sweep everything under the carpet and blame everyone else for everything. I will be oblivious to every grief, every violent act around me. If I see someone write something negative, I shall tell him/her off for being negative and to only post about pretty lakes and mountains where people are too scared to visit anyway.

I will not write about the poor Afghani lady named Farkhunda who was stamped on by numerous men, hurled bricks at, burnt to death and then thrown into a muddy river. All for “allegedly” burning a Quran. I won’t mention that fact that she is rumored to have suffered from a mental illness and might not even have been aware of her actions. I will also not mention the savagery of such cruel people who have no value for human life.

I will not blame this on Muslims because the people who murdered her were in fact scientologists.

I won’t mention how this reminded me of Rimsha, a teenager suffering from Down syndrome who was wrongly accused of blasphemy by a cleric last year because he wanted his neighborhood cleansed of Christians and other non-Muslims. I will not mention how he lied and nearly had her killed and still lives a free man.

I will blame what he did on J.K Rowling for introducing the concept of mudbloods into our lives.

I will not write about 30 year old Nauman Najam who was shot dead just for being an Ahmadi. I will not mention how he had been a quiet likable person with no political affiliations and was just like you and me. I will not mention how the Pakistani government likes to keep mum when it comes to such hate crimes and sectarian violence.

I will blame this one purely on Zia ul Haq, because anything anyone does even now and is religion related is always blamed on him. I will keep quiet about how everyone else who has come in power has only continued what he did.

I will not mention how Avijit Roy, a man who supported secularism and asked for equality for all, was hacked to death with a meat cleaver in the middle of the street. I will not mention how his wife, while trying to protect him, got beaten up as well and lost a finger in the process. I will not mention how his murderer has more followers on Facebook than Jibran Nasir who also asks for equal rights.

I will blame this murder on the Jews because Muslims don’t kill their own just because they ask for equality amongst all.

I will not mention how schools, once considered the safest are now considered prime targets for terrorists. How children who were once spared are now the first to be killed so examples can be set. How schools this year in Pakistan opened 2 weeks later than planned to take precautions so that in the case of a terrorist attack, they could give the children fifteen minutes to make a run for it.

Fifteen minutes to save their lives.

I will blame this one on America because it is the Americans who have killed over 50,000 Pakistanis with their own hands.

Yes, I shall stick my head in the sand in the ostrich. It will be a happy day today.