Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan Secretary General Liaqat Baloch said that the same mentality was behind the lynching of two innocent persons and attacks on churches.

Talking to the media after offering condolence to the family of lynching victim Hafiz Naeem here in Mustafabad, Baloch said that no act of terrorism was equal to the one done with Naeem and Nouman in Youhanabad, adding that it was the worst form of terrorism.

He pointed out that objective of the powers behind the incident was to defame Islam, Christians and Pakistan at large. He further said that the case of Hafiz Naeem and Nouman Babar should be tried in military courts, adding that the government should take solid steps to discourage sectarianism, religious bigotry and promote harmony and peace.

ARREST OF MINOR GIRL DEMANDED: Scores of people on Monday staged a demonstration, demanding the police trace and arrest the killers of minor girl Ayesha. The sack-packed dead body of three and half-year-old Ayesha was found outside her house after she had gone missing four days ago.

The protesters demanded the police to arrest the accused and fulfil the demands of the justice. The mob also attacked a police party when it reached to hold negotiations with police. The protesters also blocked the National Bank Chowk by burning tyres and threw traffic out of gear.

Later, on the assurance of SHO Malik Tariq, the protesters dispersed peacefully.

Local traders also observed a partial shutdown to express solidarity with the bereaved family.