LAHORE - Experts have stressed the need of establishing more fistula centres as there were only 20 trained surgeons against requirement of over 5,000 new patients of obstetric complication in the country annually.

Speaking at a press conference at Lahore Press Club on Monday, Dr Shershah Syed, Dr Shahid Malik, Dr Irum Shahzadi, Dr Talha Sherwani and Basharat Naseer informed that obstetric obstruction leaves female patient’s bladder and bowel ruptured, which leads to continuous passing of urine and stool which repels others.

They explained that Genital Tract Fistula/Obstetrical Fistula usually formed when obstetrical care is not available for common women.

With the help of UNFPA, they said, a campaign to end fistula started 8 years ago in different government hospitals all over Pakistan. Now, free treatment to fistula patients is available at 9 in different centres in Pakistan. These centres also help women in their rehabilitation in the community. They observed that every woman in Pakistan should receive basic and emergency obstetrical care and no more new fistula formation should occur anywhere in the country.

With the help of Midwifery Association of Pakistan, a Midwifery Conference will commence at Fatima Jinnah Medical College on March 24 (Tuesday-today) to highlight the role of midwives in prevention of fistula. During the conference, there will be pre and post conference workshops, seminars and hands-on training for junior doctors. In two-day scientific session, more than 300 papers will be presented by experts in the subject.