Rawalpindi - Regional Police Officer (RPO), Dr Azam on Monday appreciated the efforts of City Traffic Police (CTP) to regulate traffic in the city during Pakistan Day Parade.

According to a CTP spokesman, in order to make the security foolproof for Pakistan Day Parade, City Traffic Police (CTP) Rawalpindi made a comprehensive traffic plan for free moving of traffic in the city.

400 traffic wardens and officers were deployed on March 23 to regulate  traffic on the roads. He said that traffic from Faizabad to Rawaplindi and Islamabad was suspended. All the traffic on Murree Road towards Islamabad was directed to use diversion point of Double Road Chowk and through 9th Avenue entered Islamabad. Whereas, the traffic coming from Koral Chowk  used Khanna Pull Service Road to enter Islamabad, after passing through Shamsabad via Double Road and 9th Avenue. Superintendent Police (SP) CTP, Iftikhar ul Haq supervisied all the arrangements.

Meanwhile, the City Traffic Officer (CTO) Rawalpindi, Shoaib Khurram Janbaz thanked Senior Superintendent Police (SSP), Motorway Police, North One Nowshera Zone Sheheryar Sikander for the support and help extended for not allowing heavy traffic coming from Peshawar to enter the city. Under the traffic plan issued by the city traffic police, Faizabad was closed and all vehicles coming towards Islamabad was diverted to the Cricket Stadium Road.

Heavy vehicles, including buses, trucks and trailers, coming from Lahore were also stopped at various points. The CTO also appreciated the performance of the Traffic Wardens and officers as they performed their duties to regulate traffic on the roads with dedication, commitment and hard work.