S:     I wonder about the human race, about how humanity is even really important at all.

A:     Of course it is, it’s the only thing. Animals don’t have a conscience or cognition like us.

S:     Yes, but, in the grand space of time, humans have only existed for a very tiny time. If we are so important and the centre of the universe, we would have had more time in it and more power to change our lives. I feel that we are just another species, waiting to evolve into the next best thing or be wiped out. Like a dodo bird.

A:     Religion, most of it, doesn’t acknowledge the science of evolution. For a true believer, the world existed because God said so. Time, becomes irrelevant then. We are here and we must be grateful, submissive, honest and kind.

S:     But time isn’t irrelevant. We believe such things from religion because of that. Time passing leading to infinite time with God in heaven.

A:     Are you arguing that religion is an exercise in escapism?

S:     No, you are. I think that you think that religion can help you escape your own mortality. You used it to counter the insignificance of your existence.

A:     Even if it is true, that there is no afterlife, I might just be in a better mental state than you. This life, and its problems, will end and don’t need to worry me. While you are stuck in your physical body and are trapped mentally.

S:     Yes, but I am then free to live as I like, and do as I please, and live happily in my physical cage. You on the other hand may not get to enjoy life or experience reality, hoping for heaven. And then you will die and what if there is nothing?