Pakistan has a new hero. He's the one responsible for lessening the hurt of losing the quarterfinal. His effort and passion won the nation's hearts. He is none other than Wahab Riaz. In a way it's wrong to say he's a 'new' hero since Pakistan have always thrived on fast bowlers who have made a mark in international cricket. We have had bowlers in the middle like Asif and Aamer who really started to dominate but their careers completely sidelined. After years we have a bowler bowling with all his heart, leaving everything on the playing field. After all this praise however, it won't be wrong to say that Wahab has become a star overnight. He's been in the team for years but has not done anything of sorts except his five for against India in the 2011 World Cup. Suddenly, that one spell against Watson has changed his life. He had been bowling well throughout the tournament but those 8 overs have probably changed his life. With Ramiz Raja backing him to be the next ODI captain and Brian Lara one of the greatest batsmen in cricket wanting to meet 'this Riaz guy'. That spell will be remembered for years to come even though the stats do not justify it. Wahab may have become a hero overnight but he deserves it. What he did was nothing less than legendary.

–Shaan Tahir