Pakistan Day, the 23rd of March, was celebrated with national zeal and enthusiasm here on Monday as a number of functions were held to mark the occasion across South Punjab.

As the day dawned, the heads of almost all government departments, educational institutions, banks and other private organizations hoisted flags at their office buildings and played national anthem.  

The participants of the Pakistan Day functions renewed their pledge to put the country on path of progress and prosperity by getting implemented March 23, 1940 resolution.

The major ceremony was organized by Nazariya-i-Pakistan Forum as the participants shed light on the resolution and elaborated its importance. Through a unanimously adopted resolution, the participants of the function demanded of the government to restore pre-Musharraf syllabus of Pakistan Studies with a view to making younger generations aware of Ideology of Pakistan and its importance.

The participants of the function adopted another resolution that asked the government to exert pressure on India through international community to cease its plan to turn Pakistan into a desert. They pointed out that India blocked all rivers coming to Pakistan as a result of which the country was faced with serious water shortage.

Meanwhile, addressing a Pakistan Day function, DCO Multan Zahid Saleem Gondal said that the country was faced with internal and external threats and the day demanded us to unite as a nation and respect our liberation. He added that the nation needed to defeat terrorism by uniting at one platform. He said that the current government had given a clear message to the terrorist by celebrating Youm-e-Pakistan.