Tuberculosis (TB) is a major health problem in Pakistan. Pakistan ranks fifth among 22 countries with TB and accounts for 61% of TB burden in the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region. TB is a treatable and curable disease however the government hospitals, RHCs, BHUs and many private doctors and some private laboratories have been working in this regard, but inappropriate or incorrect use of anti-TB drugs and use of poor quality medicines has not produced any satisfactory results nor been able to control the disease.

In healthy people the infection often causes no symptoms, since the person’s immune system acts to wall off the bacteria. Tuberculosis causes approximately 70, 000 deaths and at least 420,000 new TB cases emerge every year. It is very important to treat TB patients with the correct dosage as they  are not effective if not given in the correct dose. If the dose prescribed is less than the recommended dose, the TB bacteria will not be killed and they may become resistant to the drugs. If the dose is higher than recommended, the drugs may cause severe toxic effects. In believe there is urgent need to train staff and medical students to combat this disease. To make Pakistan a TB free state. Our civil society, teachers and social activists have to play an active role In order to create awareness to control and eradicate this menace.


Sindh, March 22.