Pakistan and China have been in amicable relations for ages. Being neighboring countries, both share their mutual interests with each other. China is a great economic power. China is the biggest aid supplier of Pakistan. Pakistan and China are following the policy of mutual collaboration and mutual gains. China is fulfilling its interests in Pakistan. China wants to become the regional power. Although, China got freedom after Pakistan in 1949 but it became economically strong due to its great leaders like Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai and Deng Xiaoping. Pak-China ties got strong at the time of People’s Republic of China.

China’s economy is flourishing day by day. It also wants to become the super power at global level. Due to the strategic importance of Pakistan, China visualizes its many interests in Pakistan. Pakistan and China are old friends. Pakistan is the biggest consumer market of China. On the other hand, India is the biggest fear of China at regional level. India and China are using Pakistan for fulfilling their interests in South Asian region.

Pakistan is economically a weak country. It is boosting up its economy through China. China wants a stable Pakistan, so that it would become difficult for India to become regional power in front of its two strong neighbours. China is also supporting Pakistan on Kashmir issue and Pakistan is supporting China on Tibet issue. China is considered to be a security guarantor for Pakistan against India. China always favours the conflicts between Pakistan and India, so that India could not challenge its regional competitor by diverting its attention towards its enemy Pakistan. China is enhancing military areas of Pakistan for its own interests. Sino-Indian war of 1962 was also the cause of the growing enmity between India and China. The bone of contention between India and China were Dalai Lama and Tibet. So, the historical conflicts between India and China urged China to become friend with Pakistan. As, it is said that enemy of my enemy is my friend. So, it is applicable on both China and Pakistan in the context of India.

Another interest of China is to get the access to Gulf region and Central Asian states through Pakistan. China takes so much interest in the Gwadar Port of Pakistan. The interest is strategically very important for China. Pak-China economic corridor has been taken into consideration for the prosperity of both nations. China is connecting Xinjiang to Gwadar port through pipelines, highways and railways. China wants to connect to the whole world through Gwadar port of Pakistan. Gwadar port is strategically very important in this context. It is a deep sea port. It is located at the mouth of the region of Persian Gulf, Strait of Hormuz which holds 2/3 of the oil reserves of the world. It is situated at the cross junction of oil trade routes and International sea shipping. It connects three regions of the world i.e. South Asia, Middle East and Central Asia. China’s interest lies in the Middle Eastern region and Central Asian states. The western part of China is far away fromits sea port in Eastern China. China can access Persian Gulf and CAR’s through short route of Gwadar port. India does not want China and Pakistan to establish this corridor. It could lessen the importance of India in South Asian region. That’s why it is pressurizing Pakistan and investing at Chabahar port of Iran in order to get access to Afghanistan. India wants to reduce the importance of Gwadar port and Chinese influence in the South Asian region.


Rawalpindi, February 25.