The warning by PML-N to NAB against letters activism in Punjab quickly followed by PPP government’s announcement of formation of its own accountability entity in Sindh province headed by Sindh government’s high ups. World might be giggling on this high comedy; the accused would head and decide against their own allegations. Media is using all its might and time in fueling, promoting and propagating this comedy opera. First food for thought lines are always thrown by PPP spokespersons that Sindh is not the only privileged province where great millstones is achieved in corruption of very kind but other province also have their fair share in corruption.

Sindhi print and electronic media goes into frenzy of breaking news and talk shows. Promoting government’s absurd line of arguments. From media the debates is picked up by public. One farmer started arguing with me on a tea shop exactly on the ground that why PPP is being targeted while PMLN is spared by NAB. I retorted that if thief stoles something from your home and police catches the thief would you be happy or will you object with the police to first catch the thief who stole something from your neighbors home and then arrest thief who committed theft from my home. The farmer said I would thank police for apprehending at least my thief.


Johi, February 26.