Pakistan is an agricultural country, even then the agri sector is facing the worst crisis due to flawed policies of the government, said Kissan Board Pakistan Central Vice President Hazoor Baksh.

He noted the farmers are getting poorer with each passing day. The farmers who produce food for the whole nation are fighting for even two-time a day meal, he also said. He maintained due to the government’s anti-farmer policies, the agriculturists have fallen victim to financial issues. He said that due to fixing of lower prices for the crops by the government, the farmers are not even able to get the production cost of their crops and by selling the crops on lower prices, they are disappointed. As a result, they are forced to cultivate small crops rather than cultivating major crops like wheat and cotton, he said. If this situation persists, severe damage will be inflicted on the agriculture sector thus the fulfilling of nutrition needs of Pakistan will become very difficult, he said. He added that the country’s GDP consists of 55.60 percent agriculture, 11.80pc livestock while 67.435 million rural population is concerned with the livestock. Unfortunately, the government has done nothing other than verbal claims of increasing the livestock production and eliminating the poverty, he said.

In this matter, Pakistan’s most fertile area Southern Punjab is facing lack of attention as the people here do not even have the basic health facilities while the landlords have taken the poor as their hostages, he said. He noted that the government should reconsider its anti-farmer policies and keep the interests of farmers in consideration in the policies.

He further said that arrangements for countering flood should be made so that damage to the crops and cattle could be prevented.