Pakistan Day, the 23rd of March, was celebrated with national zeal and enthusiasm here on Wednesday as a number of functions were held to mark the occasion.

As the day dawned, heads of almost all government departments, educational institutions, banks and other private organisations hoisted flags at their office buildings and played national anthem.

The participants of the Pakistan Day functions renewed their pledge to put the country on path of progress and prosperity by getting implemented March 23, 1940 resolution. The Multan Corps organised a ceremony at Yadgar-e-Shuhada to pay tributes to the martyrs of the nation. Corps Commander Lt-Gen Ashfaq Nadem Ahmad laid floral wreath on the monument. Speaking on this occasion, he said that the country was faced with multiple internal and external challenges but the armed forces stood like an iron wall with the support of other law enforcing agencies and nation to foil the vicious attempts of the enemy. He said that the today’s Youm-e-Pakistan function took place due to successful operation Zarb-e-Azb and it would soon. Similarly, Nazariya-i-Pakistan Forum organised a function and the participants shed light on the Pakistan resolution and elaborated its importance. Through a unanimously adopted resolution, the participants of the function demanded of the government to restore pre-Musharraf syllabus of Pakistan Studies with a view to making younger generations aware of Ideology of Pakistan and its importance.

The participants of the function adopted another resolution that asked the government to exert pressure on India through international community to cease its plan to turn Pakistan into a desert. They pointed out that India blocked all rivers coming to Pakistan as a result of which the country was faced with serious water shortage.

The city chapter of PML-N and Young Pakistanis Organization also organized functions in connection with Youm-e-Pakistan. The speakers asked the nation to make a pledge on the eve of March 23rd to protect Pakistan from looters and plunderers under the leadership of Mian Nawaz Sharif. They were of the opinion that the progress of Pakistan was subject to the unity of the nation. They said that it was the duty of every Pakistani to play his role for the protection of the country.

They pointed out that the country badly needed the passion that was exhibited by the Muslims of subcontinent on March 23 in 1940. They stressed upon all PML-N workers to come out of their homes and play a practical role for the country.