Many countries celebrate September 15 as “International Democracy Day”, but countries like Nepal, Nigeria and India celebrate this day separately to declare their constitutional Independence Day.

March 23, is accredited as Pakistan Day or Lahore Resolution Day. Few people are aware that this date carries not only the historic event held at Minto Park (Allama Iqbal Park) in 1940 but the birth of this now dysfunctional, chaotic and helter-skelter state of Pakistan. It was empowered by its first constitution on the exact same date that is March 23, 1956 by Prime Minister Chaudhary Mohammed Ali. We can’t deny the reality that Pakistan was declared an independent state on August 14 1947, but it remained under British dominion until the 1956 constitution. This makes this day as significant to us as our Independence Day. Our schools and colleges are inefficient in providing our children the basic knowledge about such influential days. In today’s world, a democratic state is a powerful state and March 23 made Pakistan what it is today.

We should not restrict our celebrations to just parades and declaring public holidays also provide knowledge to our future generations about these historic days.


Karachi, March 21.