I want to launch a complaint against a professional land grabbing mafia group. A high profile land grabbing group of criminals operating under Master Muhammad Hussain Dars (Badinpota) residing at Ghulamullah, Taluka Ghora Ban, District Thatta, who is criminally active and turned into a menace in the locality of Hazarat Baba Shah Yaqeeq (Rehmatullah Alleh) Shrine and nearby areas of Auqaf properties. He is notoriously involved in several mega land grabbing scandals, dozens of FIRs of anti-corruption, criminals and civil matters are registered against him.

Master Muhammad Hussain Dars (Badinpota) manipulates Auqaf Properties Records with the help of Revenue Officials, as he manages the Auqaf records he uses his armed criminal groups to occupy the land with the most extreme and suppressive force, his armed gang is equipped with highly sophisticated weapons to maintain a constant threat to the lives of Dargah Shah Yaqeeq residents and by scaring them, depriving government from valuable and sacred properties.

Master Muhammad Hussain Dars (Badinpota) has occupied half of sacred graveyard (cemetery) of Dargah Shah yaqeeq Land and constructed 40-room rest-house/Musaffar-Khana over it, this graveyard (cemetery) has had a historical value and a last abode of ancestors of Village Shah Yaqeeq residents. The construction of Rest-House/Musaffar-Khanaz was done after destroying all graves which created a hatred among the residents of the village Shah Yaqeeq, this may develop in some kind of clash if it continues because all villagers bury their dead ones here since their forefathers. Hundreds of graves were destroyed and hundreds of bones and complete skeletons of male, female and children of the villagers of Dargah Shah Yaqeeq were dug out and the sanctity of the remains of the grave bodies were humiliated publicly, but yet again people were helpless and scared to stop this criminal land mafia.

We desperately appeal to Chief of Army Staff, Prime Minister of Pakistan, Chief Minister Sindh, Chief Justice of Pakistan, Chief Justice of Sindh, Chairman NAB, DG FIA. DG 1ST, DG MI, DG TB, Anti-corruption Sindh, Interior Minister Pakistan and Sindh DG Rangers Sindh, IG Sindh, Auqaf Dept., Revenue Department Sindh all Human Rights Organisations to register a FIR against this gang and take them to the highest task before the law and to get them punished from the courts.

It is further requested that to not only stop this illegal construction on this sacred, historical and ancestral graveyard but also get this unlawful construction demolished and return the Auqaf land into custody of local authorities who are managing Dargah Shah Yaqeeq R A and the graveyard.


District Sujawal Sindh, March 21.