Yesterday, on 23rd March one saw people happily congratulating one another on Pakistan’s National Day. One saw roads laden with patriotic rallies.

One saw the enthusiastic youth of the country doing stunts on high speed motorbikes – the brutal noise coming from their silencer-less bikes acting as an epitome of their so called patriotism.

One turned on the television and saw a pompous parade of multi-national soldiers, sending a powerful message to the whole word wow this country must be as structured and as formidable as the march being shown on the television.

One came online and saw Facebook filled with proud patriotic statuses and pictures.

But what I don’t seem to understand is what exactly have you done for your country to express all this pride?

As a nation with following facts – I’m sad and ashamed. Here are some of the bitter truths:

·         1% of us loyally pay the tax to the government

·         22% of us are undernourished according to 2016 Global Hunger Index

·         We claim to be Islamic – yet come under the limelight when it comes to searching “horse sex” “animal sex” and “gay porn” over the internet

·         Our military is more privileged and more facilitated than the civilians of the society

·         Our majority refuses to give due respect to any other sports except cricket

·         We only believe doctors and engineers are respected professionals of society

·         We are widely notorious for having double standards and hypocrisy

·         We show minimum to nil religious tolerance to different minority groups

·         25 million of our boys and girls are not privileged enough to take education from school

·         We don’t have a single university ranking among the world’s top 300

Is this the Quaid’s Pakistan whose resolution was approved during the golden hours of 23 March 1940?

I mean great that we got a separate homeland in 1947, but what glories have we achieved since then?

Take the example of China which got independence in 1949 (two years after Pakistan). It now enjoys its position as a first world country with world’s largest economy.

I’m not here to criticize and appear pessimistic. We had enough of those in the past 70 years.

This post is meant to urge you to start doing something productive for the society – for the nation – for the greater good.

We often blame society for lack of change– forgetting that it is we who form a society. Instead of spreading negativity and false optimism, let’s face our reality and for once let’s do something constructive with our lives.

I offer a flying salute to those determined to do something productive for the country, rather than feeling proud over things they haven’t done.

May we be the change we want to see in the world.