SAMBRIAL -  People have moved the court against the government over the “low” rate being paid for the land acquired for the Sialkot-Lahore Motorway in Sambrial.

They said that they are being paid very low rate as compared to the market value of their land. The land owners of Sahowala filed a petition in the civil court against low consideration.

The petition was filed by Idrees Gujjar, Arif Mehmood, Aqib Hanif, Saqib Hanif, Mushtaq Ahmed, Muhammad Yaar, Munawar Hussain, Liaqat Gujjar, Atif Noor and M Azam etc.

According to the plaintiffs, the land of Sahowala-Sambrial has been divided into two categories in the award of land. They said that Rs15,000 per marla was determined for the category A whereas Rs11,250 for category B. They lamented that both categories have same value of the land so they have objection on the prices. They requested to revise the price of their land and pay at the rate of Rs4,000,000 per acre.

Another application was submitted to tehsil administration Sambrial by resident of village Raliokay with objection of less price determined for his land acquired for motorway. According to the applicant, the price of their land should be increased from Rs1,600,000 per acre to 5,500,000 per acre otherwise they will challenge award in civil court for market value of their land.

Jamshed Aslam, Idrees Ahmed, Ahmed Ali and Haji Bashir, the residents of Sahibkay Cheema and Baddokay Cheema villages, protested against less value of their land acquired for motorway. Jamshed said that the district government has discriminated over the determination of price value of their land. The price of their land has been determined as Rs1,600,000 per acre which is less than some other parts of the Tehsil Sambrial. They demanded raise in the price of the land which has been handed over to National Highway Authority and the Ministry of Communications.

Assistant Commissioner Touqeer Ilyas said that the price was determined by District Price Assessment Committee under the supervision of Deputy Commissioner Sialkot. The DPAC reviewed all aspects as laid down in the law before determination of the price, he said.

After recommendation of District Price Assessment Committee, Commissioner and Board of Revenue approved the prices, he added. A total of 212-acre land has been acquired in six villages of Tehsil Sambrial with a cost of Rs430 million.