LAHORE - Former premier and PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif Friday said strict adherence to the constitution was the only way to take the country ahead and strengthen democracy as well as parliament.

“Pakistan came into being through ballot and a democratic struggle and both of them form a bright part of our national history,” said Nawaz Sharif, talking to the participants of a mehfil-e-milad at Jati Umra.

He said people were seeing a rising Pakistan under the PML-N which would actualize the vision of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and dreams of Allama Muhammad Iqbal. “It is the PML-N government which ended darkness and terrorism in the country through untiring efforts,” he said. The ex-premier said Pakistan was taking economic strides and emerging as a respectable and dignified country in the world.

Nawaz Sharif felicitated the nation on Pakistan Day and termed it a golden day in the history that could never be forgotten. He said: “The day reminds us to renew our commitment to achieving the objectives through hard work and perseverance for which a separate homeland was established for the Muslims. We should pay homage to those who laid down their lives for the creation of Pakistan. We should also appreciate those who are rendering valuable services to defend the country today. It is due to their sacrifices that terrorism has come to an end peace is seen everywhere in the homeland.”

Nawaz Sharif reiterated Pakistan came into being through a democratic struggle and ballot, adding it was sanctity of the vote which could ensure continuity of democracy, rule of law and prosperity of the nation. The country would move ahead in the comity of the nations if democracy, parliament the constitution were strengthened, he asserted.

Nawaz Sharif also paid tribute to the poets, intellectuals and thinkers who struggled against autocracy and dictatorship and factored in the restoration of democracy and a strong parliament.

The mehfil-e-milad was attended among others by the Sharif family members, relatives and PML-N workers.