Illustrating the rising discontent in the region, the lawyers protest across GB, boycotting courts to claim provisional judicial rights to GB lawyers, highlights the imperative demand of the region to be recognized as a province. Where the people of GB have mobilized for their rights time and time again, the federal government has adopted an attitude of prevarication and inaction, offering palliative concessions or cosmetic reforms to appease the locals in their call to be fully integrated as citizens of the state.

With the advent of the CPEC in the region and intense pressure from international and civil society, the federal government was roused enough to feign an interest in drafting concessions to the area-without compromising its position on the Kashmir issue. The region has formally and repeatedly declared its loyalty to Pakistan, asking for equal rights as citizens of Pakistan provisionally until a plebiscite is held in accordance with UN Security Council resolutions. The demand for provisional provincial status ensures the presence and participation of the GB government at Economic forums and representation in the parliament which can help improve the daily lives of marginalized GB’s residents. Even the Supreme Court of Pakistan has ruled in favor of granting full constitutional rights to the people of GB.

Recently, delay and prevarication over the Sartaj Aziz committee report have also triggered negative sentiments in the region and amongst legislators. The members strongly demand nothing less than regular provincial status, and the passage of a unanimous resolution for publication of the reforms committee report. The strategic location of this region with regards to CPEC and mobilization of the local population, poses it as a site of nuanced political and social vulnerability if not accorded its due rights. The recommendations of the committee with an eye to awarding it rights and security at par with the other provinces is the only viable and politically just recourse that needs to be implemented without further delay.