Poor education is the death of a nation. A good quality of education is the first and foremost need of everyone. Predominantly, it is a key to change the destiny of a nation. It is said that bliss of mind is quality of education, and bliss of mind is a commendable nutrition. Truly, to destroy a nation it is not required to start a war against them, but only to reduce their quality of education and allow copy culture in exam halls. Without ambiguity, poor education impacts the progress and prosperity of a country or society, and leaves enormous scars on its economic condition. It also gives way to belligerent diseases such as poverty, unemployment, and illiteracy.

In the rural areas of Sindh province, once Bab-ul-Islam, educational institutions are rotting. According to a report, 50 percent children are out-of-school, and those who attend school are not such in position to get admission in universities. Moreover, 46 percent of adult females are literate compared to 70 percent of males. Predominantly in rural areas, there is a huge disparity between female and male literacy rate - 20 percent and 54 percent respectively. This condition of the education sector is a serious threat to the country’s progress and prosperity. It also can impact its economic growth, and domestically life can be constrained to deplorable circumstances.

Shah-Ladhani is a model and beautiful village near Khairpur (Mirs). It is a prominent village because of its natural look, annual festivals and tombs of saints. Dilapidation of education is an inevitable and unresolved issue of present times. A primary school named Haji Ali Maitlo, once known for betterment of future generations, is presently a place full of garbage, rearing cattle and compost piles of sand. Consequently, bulk of the children are forced to spend their life without education. Tragically, the running schools are also deprived of basic facilities such as proper washrooms and hygienic water, and instead have broken chairs and poor infrastructure.

The 11-points agenda of sitting Prime Minister Imran Khan seem improbables. His manifesto included a corruption free nation, betterment in education, alleviation of poverty etc., but again the rhetoric of a politician is false and everything is the same. The government should leave its deep slumber and ensure quality of education, predominantly in rural areas of Sindh, so that students can brighten their futures and bring renown to their names, villages, and the democratic country of Pakistan.


Islamabad, March 9.